Nano Turntable for Mini Music Players Makes Anyone a DJ


The new Hey Nano DJ! Turntable Speaker Phone Charm turns anyone with an iPod or other MP3 player into an instant DJ mixmaster. Add voice, siren or scratch sound effects to your fave hip-hop tunes - or Bach; whatever warps your vinyl!


Looking very much like the world's tiniest turntable, the new Funky DJ Turntable from Strapya World turns any iPod or MP3 owner into a master of scratch. The 3-inch long, plated brass & ABS plastic device works with your music player via integrated audio in & out jacks.

Check out this video to see the DJ Cell Phone Strap Action Turntable Nano in action:

So, want to endlessly (almost - an hour's charge gets you 3 hours of play) amuse and annoy friends, family and fellow subway passengers? Sure you do... and you can, just by ordering your very own Nano Turntable from Strapya World in Tokyo. It comes with a USB cable and a 3.5mm music cable but unfortunately does NOT include the world's tiniest records.


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