The Nanoleaf Smarter Kit Brings Bold Shapes To Your Smart Light

What was once a relatively niche product, smart lights are finally making their way into mainstream markets thanks to improved tech and lower price points. While all of them have their different selling points, they are all essentially the same thing; use your smartphone to control your lights. One of the most bold designs to come out is the Nanoleaf Smart Light.

The Dodecahedron shape is a bold design choice that fits with most modern decorThe Dodecahedron shape is a bold design choice that fits with most modern decor

The Nanoleaf Smart Light features one of the boldest design choices to be seen in the smart lighting realm. Its dodecahedron (12 faces and 30 edges)  shape is a bold design choice and users are going to want to think twice before covering up this bulb with a lamp shade. The Nanoleaf Smarter Kit comes with two bulbs and uses the Edison screw base, meaning it will fit into most Japanese, North, and Central American light bulb bases. The Nanoleaf works with the Apple-powered HomeKit and allows you to control your lights directly from Siri. No need to unlock your phone, simply ask Siri to turn your lights on or off and it will be done. You can also have different presets meaning you can tell Siri to turn the lights on for "movie watching mode" and she'll dim them to your settings.

The Nanoleaf Smarter Kit works seamlessly with your Apple HomeKitThe Nanoleaf Smarter Kit works seamlessly with your Apple HomeKit

All is not great with the Nanoleaf lights, however. For one, if you're an Android user you'll have to wait for these bulbs as they currently only support iOS. They're also a bit expensive, especially for lights that do not change colors. One of the main appeals of modern smart lights are their ability to replicate a wide spectrum of colors and these simply don't do that. 

The Nanoleaf Smarter Kit is not a bad choice of smart light if you're looking for a Homekit compatible smart light with bold design, but if you're looking for one that changes color, you'll definitely want to look elsewhere.

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