Nano-Technology Provides Desktop Fountain

When I hear the phrase "aqua dance" I picture something elegant and (a paradox) somewhat cheezy.  Something like this:

Let's just say that the Aqua Dance that I'm about to introduce is totally different.

Utilizing nano-technology invented by Nikka Kagaku Co., Ltd. Japan, the Aqua Dance is a cross between a Pachinko game and a waterfall.  In essence, the nano surface of the fountain turns water into a hyper-beading mini-deluge that careens down to the "foot" of the unit.  The water looks very much like mercury as it bounces off of the various funnels and ridges on its trip.

The size and speed of the water beads can be controlled via a lever on the bottom.

It comes in green or blue and, no batteries are required.  It is powered by a little pressure pump.  Just press down three times, and let it rip.

This thing is pretty neat, but...  If I put a waterfall on my desk, I want it to look like... well... a waterfall.  With little trees and tiny animals.  Maybe itty-bitty crocodiles at the bottom of the fall...  Or sharks.  Or dinosaurs.  I dunno.  Something other than what looks like a micro-sized water park.

But that's just me.

Get your Aqua Dance at ThinkGeek!

Oh, yeah... When I initially looked up Aqua Dance on Youtube, this is what came up:

Thought you'd like that...
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Sep 18, 2009
by Anonymous

Rule 34

The underwater mermaid dancers are nice and all.... but I'm calling for a Rule 34 on this.