Nap Cafe Corne: The Business Of Snoozing In Public (With Scones)

Smart businesses focus on offering solutions to common problems and needs that everyone has - and there are Nap Cafe Sleep RoomNap Cafe Sleep Rooma limited number of things that all people absolutely require. One of those basic primal needs is to sleep, and there are studies that have shown a nap during the day can greatly increase productivity. But where should you sleep when a nap just can't wait?

If you're in Tokyo and female, then the Nap Cafe Corne is the place to be when you are just too exhausted to continue on with your day. You don't need a membership per say, but as the setting effectively requires that you become vulnerable in a relatively public space, your physical anatomy determines if you are welcome inside. 

Of course, the name of the company speaks for itself, but it doesn't describe the unique setup of a public female sleeping space marketed as a cafe-like business concept. They've thought of everything, with the understanding that having a public nap then returning to the urban Tokyo streets without further thought or effort just isn't practical. 

That's why they offer their main service, the nap room, which contains a series of canopy beds. While you don't need to chat with your neighbors, the beds are all together in one room and in very close proximity to one another, so you'd better be prepared for cozy quarters. The beds also appear pretty small, which as an admitted tosser-and-turner, I have to say I perceive this as a flaw.

Corne LayoutCorne Layout

After a customer has had her power nap, there is also a room designated towards freshening up. Coined the makeup room, it offers the obvious amenities that many Japanese women will appreciate. A sink for a quick swish of mouthwash does appear to be lacking, however, and that might even be a bit more important for conquering the day post nap than fixing smudged mascara.

Makeup RoomMakeup Room

On the way out the door, after a rest and a nose powder, female customers can then take advantage of the more traditional cafe environment at the front of the house. In this area they can grab a bite to eat (perhaps even the scones I promised in the title?) and a further invigorating caffeinated beverage. The combination of services makes it easy for women to stop in quickly, become human again, and then return to face the world without missing a beat.

This isn't the first time that we've seen a business concept focused on sleeping - even in public. If we've learned anything, it is that the sleep market is one to invest in. But many corners of that business world are already covered, so you'd better be an entrepreneur that is both creative and sleep deprived to land the next big idea!

Via: TrendHunter and Corne Facebook page

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