NASA to Host Robot Contest


Did you wonder what NASA does in its spare time? Apparently, they host robot competitions. That should really come as no big shock, considering these are the people who build rovers and other remote electronic helpers to explore the depths of space. What may be a surprise is that the contest id open to people who are not NASA engineers. The next upcoming contest is called the NASA's 2013 Sample Return Robot Challenge, and it will be held at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute this June.

The goal of the competition is simple.  All the bots have to do is to locate geologic samples placed by the NASA team and collect them. Oh, and they have to do it without any help from a human being in a variety of different types of terrains. While that may sound simple the challenge has been, to date, unsuccessful in previous competitions sponsored by the government agency.

If any intrepid engineers manage to win the prize, they will get a hefty check for $1.5 million.

Source: Mass Live
Image: NASA