NASA Puts Robot Control in Space

 Space suitSpace suit


It looks like robots in space are going to make headlines twice in the same week. Just a few days after a team of researchers in Japan have announced their intentions to send a small companion android to the International Space Station, NASA has jumped on the robots and space trend.


Though this story is a little bit different. Instead of sending the robot to the International Space Station the research team is keeping the bot on terra firma and instead using the International Space Station as the worlds most remote control.


The purpose of this test, which took place in mid-June, was to test the range capacity for piloting robots remotely on other worlds. After all if they can run a robot from the space station nothing stops us from sending it to the moon, or other bodies in our solar system to explore the lay of the land and get readings.


In this test the robots used was a K10 rover.  The operator watched a real time video feed to make decisions for the bot.



Image: Morgue File