Nasa Tests New Rover

ImageImageThe bright minds over at NASA are getting ready to test a new breed of bot. NASA will be testing it between May 3 and June 8.  The rover is going to visiting Greenland in order to keep tabs on the thickness of the ice sheet.

In the release NASA described the function of the robot in the following terms, "Greenland's surface layer vaulted into the news in summer 2012 when higher than normal temperatures caused surface melting across about 97 percent of the ice sheet. Scientists at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., expect GROVER to detect the layer of the ice sheet that formed in the aftermath of that extreme melt event."

The science teams hope that this will give more detailed information about the potential when it comes to understanding the changes in the polar ice. In June the rover is going to be joined by a second robot. The second rover has been dubbed Cool Robot. Cool Robot was made by scientists at Dartmouth College,

Source and Image: NASA