Who Says Sneakers Can't Be Slippers? Nat-2 Two-in-One Shoes

Nat-2, a company based in Munich, Germany, has constructed the first ever 2 and 1 shoe. An innovation in every sense of the word, a clever convertible design for sneakers, or should I say slippers?

You see the sneakers come with a zipper hidden behind the shoe which can be unzipped to transform your shoes into a pair of cool slippers. This gives rise to innumerable possibilities as the slippers/sneakers can be mixed and matched. So if you choose to buy 2 pairs, you actually get 4 designs.









So not only does one get a top end sneaker, but also a cute pair of sandals to stroll around in after sundown.

With a variety of colors, materials, and styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

A great way to save space while traveling without compromising on comfort and style.

Via: livegrids.net

Jul 1, 2008
by Anonymous

Representation / Importing

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