Natural Disaster Support Of A New Kind: Mobile Laundry Service Gets Dirty

Mo-bile Suds Laundry Service isn't afraid to get its hands dirty. This on-location laundry company takes its Laundromat on wheels to the sites of natural disasters all over the country to help clean up; starting with the laundry.

The entrepreneurs that founded this mobile laundry service saw a need for a different kind of emergency support during a natural disaster or another national incident through their work as firefighters. When a major disaster occurs, such as Hurricane Katrina, people regularly find themselves homeless and living out of suitcase of donated clothing and bedding. But the community centers and arenas that often house survivors in the interim, don't often come equipped with laundry facilities, and not only do individuals find themselves without their homes; they also find themselves with a lack of clean clothes.

Mo-bile Suds Laundry Service can be contracted to ensure that when a disaster occurs, survivors don't have to add dirty clothing to their worries. The mobile Laundromat is pulled in a forty foot semi-tractor, and consists of 10 washers and 10 dryers which can handle up to 400 pounds of laundry per hour. The portable Laundromat is equipped to handle loads of laundry in areas that do not have water connections or sewers through the connection of a bladder, a crucial component for handling laundry during a natural disaster.

This mobile laundry service is based out of Arizona, and considering the scope of the service and the potential travel distance required, there's no doubting that having a laundry service on-site at a natural disaster would be a costly expense. However, they are clearly having some success since their recent launch, having worked to provide laundry support for survivors of Hurricane Gustav, support at base camps and laundry assistance at the Exxon Mobile Refinery in Entergy, Louisiana in 2008.