Bacteria-Free Vegetables With Fresh4Longer Food Rinse

Vic Cherikoff, an expert in food microbiology as well as other disciplines, has spent a good portion of his life trying to solve food problems which we face on a daily basis. The latest leg on his problem solving journey finds us face to face with Fresh4Longer natural food rinse - the answer to all vegetable storage nightmares. Surely this requires further examination?

It is no secret that many people are regularly faced with gagging sensations after opening their fridge to find a pile of rotten vegetables covered with disgusting mold. And this is precisely the problem which Fresh4Longer seeks to solve. So let's see if you can say goodbye to food storage horror shows for good.

Notice the differenceNotice the difference

Fresh4Longer natural food rinse aims not only to remove potentially hazardous mold which accumulates on food, but also seeks to save people money by reducing waste and, in turn, reducing the weekly food bill. The way it works is fairly simple. Just add water to the packet to make a liter of Fresh4Longer and use it to rinse your vegetables before storing them. The result? Vegetables with increased immunity to bacteria.

Cherikoff's experiments over the last three years have produced Herbal-Active, which is the main ingredient in the Fresh4Longer product. He has achieved just the right blend of natural herbs and spices which act as an antimicrobial rinse and prolong the shelf life of your food. And as can be seen from the video above, once the vegetables have been washed in the solution, they can simply be thrown into a plastic bag and stored away. Just be sure to get those areas by the stalks, which are apparently hotspots for bacteria and dirt. Who knew!

Give your food a good rinseGive your food a good rinseIn addition to its primary application with food, the Fresh4Longer liquid can also be used on kitchen surfaces or even to rinse your hands, and apparently adds no taste to your food, despite the extreme flavors offered by herbs and spices. In addition to this, the product has all natural ingredients and no preservatives.

So it seems as though those three years have been well spent, and with Fresh4Longer natural food rinse comprizing only one of Cherikoff's many natural products, his good-natured company seems to be on the up and up. To buy Fresh4Longer food rinse you can click here, and please tell us about your mold killing experiences!

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