Natural Moisturizing Lotion Leaves Skin As Soft As Silk

Sericin skin care products from Comoace come by their silky smooth provenance as a matter of course: workers at silk-making factories have for centuries been renowned for their beautiful hands and soft skin. Was it just coincidence that these workers spent long hours each day hand-stirring and scouring tubs of warm water used to loosen the wrappings from silkworm cocoons? Evidently not!

According to Comoace, the amino acid composition of Sericin found in silk is very similar to that of the natural moisturizing factors found in human skin. By isolating Sericin and manufacturing it at a high enough level of purity, Comoace has been able to provide a line of Sericin-enriched skin care products that are meant to replicate the famed soft skin of silk workers.

Those who are unsure of the benefits of the current wide range of Sericin-enriched products may want to order a trial set - two different versions plus a men's travel set - yep, us guys need skin care products too - are available from Comoace's product ordering page at Rakuten. (main image via 1st Art Gallery)

Update: For those in the U.S., Dr. Temt has a line of Sericin-enriched facial products that may be worth trying.

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