10 Fun Ways To Pee On A Flower

Gentlemen and others of the male persuasion... Aren't you tired of peeing in the institutional vessel -- the monotonous urinal? Urinal-makers sure don't want you to enjoy your experience, do they?

Clark Sorensen wants you to enjoy your pee! Sorensen is a world renowned sculptor of intensely colored, expertly crafted, voluptuous creatures made into functional urinals. Here are 10 of Sorensen's unrestrained sensual sculptures of nature's best, for your peeing pleasure.


1. The Red Hibiscus Urinal




2. The Morning Glory Urinal


3. The Brown Shell Urinal


4. The Daffodil Urinal


5. The Red Tulip Urinal



6. The Easter Lilly Urinal



7. The Cal Poppy Urinal







8. The Nautilus Urinal





9. The Calla Lilly Urinal




10. The Orchid Urinal




Below, the Orchid Urinal is installed in an expansive bathroom. Placed next to a mirror, you can see two images of the Orchid.



Clark Sorensen didn't think that he would become a world famous urinal sculptor when he was in art school. He didn't even begin his professional career as a sculptor, but as a costume designer and, later, a computer animator. But one day, as he was peeing into a urinal, it occurred to Sorensen just how dull it was to pee into the unimaginative, common urinal day in and day out. Now, five years later Sorensen is known world-wide as an incredibly talented sculptor, particularly for his grand homages to "the pee"

Each hand made, flame-fired sculpture takes Sorensen nearly a year to sculpt and fire and dry and paint. Find more of his urinals, sinks, and other sculpted works at clarkmade.com.


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