The Naughtiest Necklaces In Fashion By Nicole Locher

Nicole Locher makes pretty, dainty necklaces in womanly least that's how they look from afar. From up close, these necklace designs are the naughtiest necklaces in fashion today.

Nicole Locher intentionally designs her fashion jewelry so that from a distance, they look pretty and go with any outfit. However, the boast a fun surprise that is only evident upon closer examination since they have dirty images, fun messages, or dangerous weapon charms to accompany bold and rather naughty statements. This is the perfect jewelry gift for a good girl gone bad, since the naughty necklaces will provide women with a sense of secret scandal and empowerment; similar to the feeling of wearing your sexiest lingerie underneath your most classic and corporate business suit.

Would you want to get your hands on any of the naughtiest necklaces in fashion by Nicole Locher?

Via: TrendsToday