Nautilus Shell USB Hub to Sea and Be Seen

Weird & bizarre USB flash drives and hubs are a dime a dozen so it's nice to see one company getting back to basics - and back to nature - with a stylish design that is timeless in its evocation of natural beauty.

Called simply the USB 3-Port Hub in a Shell, this 3-port USB hub apes the look of a nautilus shell - a design that itself is many millions of years old and has been honed to perfection by the inexorable forces of evolution.

The USB 3-Port Hub in a Shell is made of sturdy PE plastic that looks & feels like ceramic but it lighter: just 283 grams or 10 ounces. The hub is fully USB 2.0 compatible and features 2 type-A ports typically used by USB flash drives and a single type-B port for those wanting to connect a peripheral device like a printer or scanner.

The USB 3-Port Hub in a Shell is available online from USBfever for those willing to "shell out" (sorry, couldn't resist) us$19.99 (via Tech Chee)