Navify Adds Multimedia to Wikipedia Entries

It's always good to find a site that enhances the experience of using the phenomenally popular Wikipedia to create new and useful pages for researchers and casual searchers alike.  That's what Navify is all about.  This relatively new service adds a whole slew of mutlimedia to existing Wikipedia pages by adding tabs for pictures, videos, and more.

The site doesn't resemble Wikipedia at all, but functions much the same.  Simply search for any given Wikipedia page, and it will pop up in Navify complete with new multimedia pictures.  You can get pictures and videos right now just by clicking the appropriate tabs, and Navify is promising there will be embedded music players for the entries in the near future.

One of the more intriguing features about Navify has little to do with multimedia, however.  The simple addition of comments to any Wikipedia page made me raise my eyebrows a little bit.  Wikipedia, being what it is, is at worst times unreliable information because of the nature of user-edited entries.  However, the casual viewer never typically gets to see how the edits come about or are disputed, so one could easily fall into a disinfo trap if they don't double check the facts.  Perhaps if Navify becomes popular enough, this comments feature will aid in shedding some light on what parts of entries are disputable.

Whatever the case with your own personal use of Wikipedia, you're bound to enjoy Navify.  Any tool that adds this much cross-referenced multimedia material is bound to be of great use to researchers.  Next time you need to look something up, try using Navify and let us know how it helped you in the comments.