Smart Navigating Jacket Takes You Around The City Of Lights

Remember the time when the only purpose of wearing a coat was to protect you from the outside elements? With all the new roles coats are starting to play now, it's clear that those of the past were underachievers. This new garment is perfect to take on a trip to the city of lights, and for reasons you just wouldn't expect.

Anytime you visit a new city, there's a couple of things that you need to consider - including dressing for the different climate, and getting around safely and efficiently. Yeah, I know we've all been lead to believe that a coat can only accomplish one of those things, and typically that would be true. But now there's the Navigate Paris jacket, and its name doesn't disappoint.

The goal of the Navigate Paris coat is to get you around, and help you really live the experience without spending your time tracing the route on your map and missing what's around you.  This technology relies upon an app on your smartphone, so that their navigational tool connects to the jacket.

The jacket then relays the directions to get you from Notre Dame to The Eiffel Tower - or something fun like that - using vibration. When you come to an intersection and you need to turn left, for example, your left sleeve will vibrate. There is not just a single vibration strength either; there are different notifications to indicate merge, hard turn, or soft turn. 

Of course, it wouldn't be a jacket suitable for a high-fashion city like Paris if it weren't a classy style. The jacket is a blazer style, made from 100% wool, and is available in various colors. It's most suitable for walking, but cyclists, motorcyclists, and drivers/passengers can benefit from it as well.


There are other varieties of the jacket that provide navigation for New York and Sydney, Australia. They promise that if their initial launch is well-received, more maps will be added to their inventory. 

Via: Springwise