Navy Seals? Furry Fighters In The Russian Military

Long have animals been used in both domestic and international warfare. Horses have been ridden into battle, rhinoceri have been imagined as armored shields, and even pigs have been used as both a defensive and aggressive weapon.

And of course, dogs have been used in warfare as both tactical weapons and intelligence tools, with one of the most notable instances being the use of a Belgian Malinois in the raid on the Bin Laden compound.

 Attack Dog: Source: WikipediaAttack Dog: Source: Wikipedia

With this, it may not seem strange that the Russian Ministry of Defense is now advertising their use of dogs in the military.

What is different though, is that they have decided to accept human recruits that bring along their canine counterparts, as long as the dogs have skills that may prove useful in any warfare situation. They also stipulate that breed is not important, as long the dog is a capable battle machine.

Does this mean that the Russian army is hoping little boys will train their dogs at home, in hopes of serving together?

And can we expect to see legions of Labradoodles roaming posts throughout Western Asia?

This may actually not be too farfetched, as the Russian army has also begun to look beyond land creatures for combat options, and has decided to search the sea instead.

And their search has apparently proved somewhat prosperous – recent reports show the existence of nearly 15 ‘Soldier Seals’ in possession by the Russian government, trained and ready to protect underwater possessions, including highly-guarded nuclear submarines.  

Future Soldier Seal: Source: FotopediaFuture Soldier Seal: Source: Fotopedia

These seals don’t plan on rolling over and playing dead, either – in an underwater combat demonstration, navy soldiers were briefed to break into an nuclear submarine base and mine the craft. Additionally, they were not told what to expect when they broke the surface. Within minutes though, these highly trained Russian combat experts resurfaced and ran from the shore – away from the ‘Soldier Seals’ in their natural habitat.

Animal rights activists assemble – and just be careful the next time you’re at the zoo.

Source: All Voices and Russia: Beyond the Headlines