NBC Desktop USB Fan Makes You Look (And Feel) As Cool As Jimmy Fallon

Are you as cool as the next host of NBC's The Tonight Show, the one and only Jimmy Fallon? Would you like to be? A Chinese online seller at Taobao can make it happen, no sweat, and for the bargain price of only 19.90 yuan (about $3.25, plus shipping) to boot!

At this point, savvy types should read the proverbial fine print and remember that “coolness” isn't just a state of mind, it's a state of temperature. Got it? Good! This means you accept the fact that (a) Jimmy Fallon was, is, and always will be WAY cooler than you and (b) both he and you will be equally cool with an NBC desktop USB fan blowing for all it's worth... which, as mentioned, is about three and a quarter plus shipping.

The fan in question is an ABS-bodied, adjustable-angle mini fan that draws its power from your computer, laptop or any other electronic device that sports a vacant USB plug.

The fan looks basically like a traditional desktop mic but (once you remove the easily-lost cover) with a propeller whirring away on its top end. Considering the latter, it's probably a good idea to keep it far, far away from inebriated karaoke singers and wannabe standup comics.

Some assembly is required upon receipt, such as affixing the included NBC stickers to all four sides of the fan. What's that? You're asking if this is product is officially licensed by NBC? Forget “wannabe”, pal, you've definitely got a future in the field of comedy!