NBC Jumps Into The Olympic End Of The Internet

Olympic fans and supporters can rejoice as NBC plans to make more than 2,200 hours of live competition from Beijing available online .

The television network, that’s famous for shows such as Scrubs, ER and a handful of tonight broadcasts, is finally taking a dip into the digital world of the Olympics. NBC has stated they are going to incorporate live blogging, 3,000 hours of highlights on demand, daily recaps and analysis and even fantasy league gaming.

The network launched NBCOlympics.com in 2000, but only offered photographs and schedule information to keep viewers tuned to the television. In 2004, the site had a limited package of highlights from Athens; the plan wasn’t popular as those visiting the site were asked to provide their credit card number. Then in 2006, NBC quietly streamed the hockey gold-medal game from the Winter Olympics held in Turin.

This year the network has surprisingly decided to do more with the internet and have since come to an agreement with the Associated Press regarding video links. The website will also offer a TV viewer’s guide, track medal standings and will have more than 10,000 bios of Olympic athletes.

However, Olympic fans should note that the online coverage will be playing a secondary role to TV. No events will be seen on the website until they are televised. But whether you’re at home or at the office, NBC will be providing up-to-date Olympic coverage.