NC-17 Rating For Xbox 360 Users Restricts Tweets

Not only are teenagers 17 and younger allowed to watch certain movies, Xbox 360 just banished them from accessing social networks. Strange that the teen demographic that is the target market for Xbox systems are restricted from from the Xbox Live's new integration of Facebook, Twitter and And with Christmas right around the corner!

This video will provide you with some insight as to how to become a member of Xbox's integration - that is - if you meet the 18 year-old age requirement.

However for those less fortunate, it appears the Xbox bouncers have their marching orders to only allow 18 year-olds and older past the velvet ropes. According to the Xbox Live guru Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson)- seen in the video - the software giant's rationale for "adults only" access is based on the company's concerns regarding parental controls (or lack,thereof).

Protests from disgruntled teens however prompted the Xbox team to think about relaxing the restriction to reflect the "R" movie rating ruling, i.e. "Xbox LIVE members between the ages of 13 and 17 will be able to use Facebook, Twitter and as long as their parents approve." To this end, Major Nelson stated, "The team hopes to roll this (new stipulation) out several weeks after launch and (he) will update you on the exact date as it gets closer."

According to the Tech Herald, "the update is currently scheduled to arrive “several weeks” after social networks Facebook and Twitter and music streaming platform are added to Microsoft’s expanding online multimedia service – they should be in place before the close of 2009."

Will they however be in time to solve the holiday dilemma and the potential shortfall in sales? On January 6, 2009, Microsoft announced that Xbox Live had reached 17 million members. With a good percentage of those folks under 18 years old, I think Microsoft will be motivated to act quickly.