Need Three Tables In One? Try A nea Studio Vanity Table

The nea Studio of Oslo and New York has designed this neat sculptured table that performs triple duty. It's call the Vanity Table, so the name's a dead giveaway for its first function, but it can also be used as a small desk or an entry table.

nea, acronym for Nina Edwards Anker, the architect who founded the design studio in 2006, writes that the Vanity Table was inspired by melting snow and ice. That must have been a very sensuous vision; look at the photograph below...



You will notice that the Nea Vanity Table, unlike the typical vanity, does not have a mirror attached, a fact which actually makes the table more functional, I think. In a small house or apartment, you have to be practical about sharing available space with others. You can fill the recessed bowl with your make-up and carry the table, along with a light weight stool, to any stationery mirror. Or bring a table mirror to the table!




But forget vanity! The Vanity Table also makes a cool desk that can fit anywhere. It's large enough for a laptop computer, or you can use it to write notes, pay bills, and the bowl can be used for pens, papers clips, and other small supplies.

The third function? I love this the best! Nea's Vanity Table is perfect for a catch-all or entry table in an informal hall or entrance. The place to put your keys, wallet, purse... your outdoor paraphernalia.

Nea's Vanity Table is ideal for small spaces, especially for apartment living! For more information, visit the Nea Studio .