Neat New Toenail Clipper Features Straight, Slanted Blade

Clipping one's toenails can be difficult at the best of times so anything that makes to chore simpler and quicker is more than welcome.

That's where Kai Group's new straight blade toenail clipper comes in - and don't let the machine-translated name "New Drill Foot Claws" put you off, even if your tootsies overtly resemble those of chickens with large talons.

Foot claws... ya gotta love it. In any case, Kai Group has done their usual thorough engineering job on the clipper, beginning with the business end: the hardened steel blade.

Changing the aspect from curved to straight is a bold move but one that makes sense - no one has toenails small enough to be clipped in a single chop, amiright? They're also mounted the blade at a slight diagonal to ease clipping the edges of the nail and to help avoid painfully clipping too close to the quick.

The rest of the clipper also displays minute attention to detail and consideration of real world use. The grip is formed from soft elastomer and the "nail splash" plastic housing is removable.

You can order your own "New Drill Foot Claws" straight blade toenail clipper direct from Kai Group's online store at Rakuten for 840 yen, or around $9.50 plus shipping if applicable. (via Impress Watch)

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