Neato XV Signature Robot Does The Cleaning Up For You

Neato XV Signature RobotNeato XV Signature Robot

Vacuuming is something that most of us have to do, and unless you home is covered in hardwood floors and has no pets, the odds are good that you do it on a regular basis. It's not really a fun thing to do, but it has to be done. That does not mean that it has to be done by a human. Robot vacuums are, in and of themselves, nothing new, but until now the market has been a bit limited. A new company is looking to move into the arena and offer consumers a new choice in robot vacuuming. The company is called Neato Robotics, and they specialize primarily in making chore doing robots.

The team there is offering two models for consumers to choose from, the Neato XV Signature and the Neato XV Signature Pro. These models, which will be out in early April, and will come in at a price point between $399 and $449, depending on which one you buy. They are designed to get the work done,and return themselves to the charging dock, without any human intervention. See, who said your toys won't put themselves away?

In the release the company described the robots abilities in the following terms, "Unlike other robot vacuums that bounce around a room in a random style, Neato’s advanced laser-guided navigation automatically maps a room to choose the smartest cleaning path. Its Smart Sensor technology automatically detects and avoids stairs, and doesn’t bump into furniture like other robots do. It’s even smart enough to return to its base to recharge and then resume vacuuming where it left off."

The systems will also come with special filters for those of you with allergies.

Source and Image Source: Business Wire