Necktie Camera Ensures That Board Meetings Will Never Be The Same

Best be careful when pilfering those paperclips at work.  The guy standing behind you could be wearing one of these:

Stylish, yet menacing.Stylish, yet menacing.

This is the KJB Security C1174 Necktie.  Concealed in this innocuous clothing accessory is a tiny video camera that excels at capturing images in low light.  The 4.3-millimeter lens has an 80-degree field of view and registers the equivalent of 450 lines of TV-in color.  Pair this with a pocket DVR and you have a self-contained video system.

In reading the specs, it doesn't look like this little whopper has audio recording capability.  But you can always make yourself into a redundant surveillance system by wearing these DVR Sunglasses.

This is one of those devices that I like, but that I'm scared of.  In the wrong hands, this tie could really stir up trouble.  And at $288.00, you'd really have to want to stir up trouble...

In the right hands, however, this could be a valuable surveillance tool if used in a proper environment.  I mean, it wouldn't do to wear this at the beach to get images of saucy bikini girls, now would it?

That's what the DVR Sunglasses are for.

You can find the KJB Security C1174 Necktie at Amazon.