The Neclumi Necklace: Shedding New Light on Necks and Attitudes

 Established in 2010 and based in Warsaw, Poland, panGenerator is a design and art group comprised of four talented men that focuses on the creation of designs that push the  wearable fashion envelope and explore new modes of expression and interaction. For them, innovation means a blending of the unepected: atoms, bits and beats. Resulting products are unique and much in demand for partons of art galleries, museums and festivals. Projects are both large and small and can range from sweeping interactive installations to ultra modern, tiny, wearable tech objects. The collective is also involved in new media tech and art education workshops.


The Neclumi Neckace and wearable electronics


Neclumi Neckalce: Source: Dezeen.comNeclumi Neckalce: Source:


Neclumi is part of a burgeoning trend concerning wearable electronics being treated as jewelry and fashion accessories  instead of clunky gadgets. This digital, projection-based interactive necklace is formed by using  light patterns that are projected via a custom iPhone app onto the body of the wearer. Forget about gold, silver and platinum; the new look is light; intangible, ubiquitous, endless and fascinating light.


Neclumi Sono Mode: Source; Fastcolabs.comNeclumi Sono Mode: Source;


How does the Neclumi Necklace work?


Neclumi Movi Mode: Source: Fastcolabs.comNeclumi Movi Mode: Source:


Neclumi is based on the iPhone and what is known as a pico-projector, which along with the custom app, connects via a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable to the wearer's chest. Neclumi has  four diverse modes,which respond to various inputs measured by the phone's built-in features and gyroscope. These are: Airo, Roto, Sono and Movi. With Airo, the necklace reacts via a pedometer to the wearer's walking speed; Roto appears as a ribbon-like shape looping through a pendant. A compass is used to correspond to the body's rotations. In Sono mode, the response is to ambient sound and the wearer's voice. In Movi, a bouncing, fluid line reacts to body movement.


 Neclumi Roto Mode: Source:FastLabs.comNeclumi Roto Mode:


Psychological aspects of Neclumi

 Neclumi is a brilliant jewelry line that requests wearers to abandon the glitter of gold in exchange for the waves of light. Put in more material terms, it requires a focus on abstract aesthetic values instead of physical form and more importantly, economic worth. According to Neclumi creators: "If we're having less and less in terms of physical goods, for example, music streaming instead of CDs and e-books instead of paper copies, the same logic might be applied to other areas like jewlery...We predict that wearable projection  and projection-based jewelry will become  a reality in a few years."

Is the future bright for Neclumi?

Neclumi necklaces and watches as byproducts of fashionable technology are the wave of the future. The light they shed may well spill over into other unexpected aspects of human experience, including beliefs about wealth, status and ownership of luxury goods.

Closing thoughts on jewelry and wealth:

I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can't possess radiance; you can only admire it. ~ Elizabeth Taylor

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