Necomimi Cat Ears Tell It Like It Is: A Review

Most "mood sensing" fashion accessories really only respond to your body heat, but the Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears are a step above, as they actually respond to your brainwaves. Using new Blue Tooth technologies, they measure how many brainwaves you're sending out and react accordingly. 

If they lay down, it means you're relaxed and not thinking about things too much. If you're highly interested in something, you'll be sending out a lot of brainwaves and your ears will be twitching all over the place.

These adorable fashion accessories have only recently come to America and one of the first places they were publicly available was at Comic Con, where they were HUGE sellers. I actually got a hold of a pair myself and I can tell you, they really are all they're cracked up to be.

The first thing I noticed was how comfortable they were. As someone with migraine headaches that make it impossible for me to wear plastic headbands, I thought I wouldn't be able to handle these. As it turns out, the size is pretty customizeable and you really only feel a bit of pressure just behind your temples and the tiny ear clip is very gentle.

As soon as you turn them on, the ears start callibrating -and that's when you first hear them. While they aren't too loud, they're definately audible when you're wearing them. As it turns out, this is great since you'll want to know when they're moving and you don't want to have to stare in a mirror all day.

The biggest question is, of course, do they actually work? The answer is a resounding yes! While they don't truly reflect your mood (there's no brainwave measurements that say whether or not you're angry or sad), they do reflect how hard you're thinking at the time. If you're relaxed, the ears do go down, and they perk up again when you start thinking and when you start thinking a lot (whether out of excitement or annoyance), the ears start flicking back and forth quickly -the same way real cat ears do.

Best of all, they are adorable. While the weird black sensor on your forehead may look a little odd, it can easily be covered up with your bangs.

As of yet, there are only one style of ears available, but in the next few months, the company plans to offer a variety of sizes and shapes -including bat ears, which are great for guys who might be interested but don't want to walk around with kitty ears on.

At $100 for a pair, they're reasonably expensive, but considering that they really do respond to your brainwaves, they're totally worth the price. And for the fashion-concious, the new ear designs will be about $15-$25, so it won't cost much to get enough ears to match your entire wardrobe.

The bottom line? Everyone needs a pair of Necomimi Cat Ears.You can find the cat ears on Amazon here and other retailers.

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Jul 29, 2012
by Anonymous

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