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Need This New Innovation? Beer Beards

Is your beer strong enough to grow hair on your chest? No? Then how about strong enough to grow hair on the can? Still no? Then you need to get your can of brew a Beer Beard. With this bunch of bristles your beer can can go totally redneck and stay really cool. Not only that, your beer will really look like it has flipped its wig.

Beer BeardBeer Beard

The Beer Beard is the "hair-apparent" to those foam rubber can cozies that have been all over the place  You can just slip these friendly follicles over your suds, including soft drinks, and help keep your can chilled to perfection. 

Beer BeardBeer Beard

These cute and hirsute beer cozies won first prize at the PBR Craft Show in 2012. In addition to fitting cans, it can also fit most glasses. So you can even keep your beer cool out of the keg;

Beer BeardBeer Beard

While the Beer Beard helps insulate the can and keep the cold in, holding your can by the beard also helps keep your hand from heating up your brew. The real bonus is that it makes your can look truly manly and ready to spit and swear.

Beer BeardBeer Beard

Each beard is tenderly and carefully handcrafted from the finest beards available. Okay, it is made from faux beard materials. No real beards were harmed in the creation of these beer cozies.

Source: Etsy

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Laurie Kay Olson
Clever Problem Solvers