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Need This New Innovation? Leaf Me A Message

Sticky notes have been around for a long time -- ever since they were created by 3M in 1977. Since then they have taken on all sorts of shapes and sizes, and for all sorts of purposes. Perhaps one of the more creative lines of sticky notes is Leaf-It Notes, a bunch of notes that look like they grow on trees. They come in oak, birch, maple, gingko, and ivy.

Leaf-It NotesLeaf-It Notes

These creative sticky notes are not only appropriate for leaving messages and being used as bookmarks, they are also great for projects and crafts. Since each pack holds different sized leaves you can pick and choose the size you need from one package.

Leaf-It NotesLeaf-It Notes

Build your own tree. Fill it with the names of people who have donated to your charitable cause. Fill it with the new things your child has learned to leaf out their achievement tree. 

Leaf-It NotesLeaf-It Notes

The leaves come in the season and color of your choice -- green, yellow, orange, and red. Whatever your selection it will "leaf" you feeling good. They are perfect for home or office. Made in Korea.

Leaf-It NotesLeaf-It Notes

Leaf-It Notes even come in white and pink cherry blossoms so that you can really make your messages bloom. Whether flowers or leaves, these sticky notes will help you think outside the square.

To check out Leaf-It Notes, click here. Then you can choose to take it or leaf it.

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Laurie Kay Olson
Clever Problem Solvers