Need This New Invention? Elven Ear Clips

Whether you are heading to Comic Con, a sci fi convention, or your nearest Renaissance Festival, these cute Elven Ear Clips can turn you into an elf, fairy, or Vulcan in a moment and without using spirit gum. The fanciful design works much like a paper clip so that you don't need to have pierced ears to get the fantasy ears of your choice!

Forst Elf Ear ClipsForst Elf Ear Clips

Fortunately for those of us who know the pain of clip-on earrings, these ears are nothing like that. They slide on over the top of the ear and hook gently under the lobe. Gravity plays into the fit so that it is snug and secure. It is almost like an Elf (or Vulcan) Kit. Once your new ears are in place you can feel your personality changing to your pointy-eared alter-ego.

Future ElfFuture Elf

Don't worry about the fit. The ears are completely adjustable by rolling or unrolling the wire at the back of the clip. Now, if you have ears that flap in the breeze, you may need a custom fit, but I am assuming that you don't go by the nickname Dumbo and practice flying.

Head ElfHead Elf

You also don't have to set aside your regular earrings to use these ear clips, they just fit around your existing earrings. The clips are made of wire of base metal plated with rhodium, so if you have metal allergies you may want to use with caution. 

The ear clips come in three designs -- the Future Elf, with a simple wire design, the Forest Elf with a wire design with green pearl bead accents, and the Head Elf with a curled design and a white pearl bead accents.

A Pair of Forest Elf Ear ClipsA Pair of Forest Elf Ear Clips

The website Think Geek has had a bit of trouble with this item due to a third party supplier that apparently stole the idea. They have since worked out a satisfactory deal the with the Etsy designer who originally created the ear clips. 

When I was a teen and my nickname was "Spock." I would have loved a pair of these. And now? Well, just yesterday I found one of those posts on Facebook and discovered my fantasy villain name. It turned out to be The Black Elf of the Forest. So I guess I still need to sport pointy ears. 

Source: Think Geek