Need This New Invention? The Hand Crank Toaster

If your greatest fear is facing a major power outage without toast, then the Hand Crank Toaster Oven is right up your alley. If you've always wanted to put the fun and excitement of churning butter into toasting an English muffin, then this toaster is for Hand Crank ToasterHand Crank Toasteryou. If you have thought that the time spent making toast is wasted without the chance to do aerobics then this is the invention you've been waiting for!

All joking aside (or at least some of it) this is an interesting idea that LA Miam posted on While he focuses on the idea of making grilled cheese sandwiches, there could be a variety of culinary uses of this upscale Easy Bake Oven. It should be able to make regular toast, a variety of open-faced sandwiches, heating leftover pizza, or even making a bit of garlic bread. 

It would indeed be great in a power outage, for camping or picnicking, or even as part of your preparation for doomsday or a zombie invasion. Perhaps you could use it while listening to your hand crank radio. You could hand crank some ice cream for dessert. Then you could finish up your evening by cleaning your teeth with a hand crank toothbrush -- oh, wait, that would just be a toothbrush.

You might not be able to do a whole lot of actual cooking with a plastic appliance. You would undoubtedly be limited by the amount of heat such a device could create, not to mention by the amount of time you could crank before you needed corrective surgery. So that lets Thanksgiving dinner out. Darn!

While this is a rather wild and weird idea, I do know people who might just buy such a gadget. Heck, I have a friend I would give this to as a Christmas present, but she is not exactly ordinary (and neither am I). Perhaps that is where got its name.

Yes, if this idea gets enough votes then you might never have to worry about whether or not you can toast a bagel during a crisis again!

Source: Quirky

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