Need This New Invention? Reef In A Jar

Many people would love to have a salt water aquarium but that has always meant a huge commitement and an even larger aquarium to support the sea life. Soon, thanks to the funding of an invention on Kickstarter, PJ Pico Reef in a JarPico Reef in a JarReefs is bringing out their Pico Reef in a Jar. The miniature reef is small enough to fit in your hands and comes with its own LED lamp to help it thrive.

If you were thinking that you really need a piece of the ocean sitting on your desk then you are in luck! Can you really have a miniature salt water reef in a jar? Apparently. And you will get to watch it grow and change without squeezing yourself into a wetsuit and scuba gear to do so.

Inventor Paul Roncal has always been interested in the complexity of coral reef ecosystems. As a boy the aquariums were too costly, not to mention complicated and demanding to maintain. By the time Marine Boy got to college he was beginning something of an obsession with salt water aquariums. He studied them constantly and made notes on how they could be made to be easier to maintain and enjoy.

Pico Reef in a JarPico Reef in a JarEventually he made a small aquarium out of a jar for his girlfriend. Before long it began to grow and look like a real reef with an amazing biodiversity. (What girl wouldn't be impressed by that?) From there Roncal built several more and they all worked well and created their own ecosystems. People started wanting them. It seemed that he had really hit upon something. And here you thought that only God could create an ocean! I guess he had to resort to outsourcing the small work at some point.

It took a number of years to fine-tune the design and maintain careful observation of the prototypes. They were successful. All Roncal needed now was the funding to go into business. For that he turned to Kickstarter. In his one-month funding campaign, from June to July this year, he managed to make almost triple his goal to be able to start sending out reefs to customers.

This is a great, if a little crazy, product idea since this is as close as most of us will ever be able to come to owning ocean-front property. It is Sea World in a can, or a science project in a jar. 

The kits will come with everything you need to start growing your own reef. You will have to provide your own divers and reef sharks, though they may be a challenge to squeeze into the jar. Fortunately you don't need to be a marine biologist to put your own reef together. You can start small and add more as you go along.

Yo! Dude! With the PJ Reef's Pico Reef in a Jar surf's up! 

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