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Need This New Invention? The Fondue Slipper Fits Perfectly

It isn't often that cheese fondue inspires much more than dinner. For Tokyo-based designer Satsuki Ohata it was an "Aha!" moment that led to the first truly custom fit slippers ever. Fondue Slippers are created from dipping your feet in liquid PVC and allowing it to dry. This way the slippers come out matching the exact size and shape of your feet.

Fondue SlippersFondue Slippers

Ohata experimented with different items for this concept -- like computer mouses, light bulbs, and pencils -- until he finally decided on feet being the best use for his fondue process.

Fondue SlippersFondue Slippers

Let's face it-- this is one crazy idea, but what a fun DIY project! Yes, you would do this all by yourself. All you would need would be the kit and your blow dryer. Ohata is still in the process of developing the kit that would allow the Fondue Slipper to be sold for home use. 

Fondue SlippersFondue Slippers

Once the kit is available you can choose your color and even customize your look after it dries by using things like markers. And once the slippers are dry they are ready for indoor or outdoor use. 

Fondue SlippersFondue Slippers

If you are concerned about the toxicity of PVC, don't worry. One of the reasons this product has not yet been brought to market is that Ohata is still working on finding a safer material to use to make the slippers.

Fondue SlippersFondue Slippers

While these slippers give you a barefoot feeling, which I would love, I can't help but wonder if there needs to be some way for the slippers to breathe. The last thing any of us need it is outrageously sweaty feet. That could raise a stink that would take us right back to cheese again. The really stinky kind. Fortunately, this is another issue that Ohata is seeking to remedy.  

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