Need to Ship Something? Get an IBox

Greg Zinone is a person who thinks outside the box… and inside too.

The inventor from Irvine, California, has just developed the Inflatable Box, also called the IBox. His new invention is now being featured on the popular crowdfunding website INDIEGOGO.

The IBOX: Meet the future of shippingThe IBOX: Meet the future of shipping

“The IBox is not a product that just solves a problem – it’s a game changer,” he writes. “The IBox is a one and done all encompassing inflatable box for shipping. It eliminates the need for packaging material, tape or that cardboard box that you need to break down and throw away; adds more protection to the items being shipped, and saves money and space (deflates up to 95 per cent).”

His invention is unique in every sense. It’s a two chamber inflatable box with the inside comprising of softer inflatable mesh. When inflated the item being shipped is fully protected. When the inside fully inflates, so does the outer chamber, forming a self-seal. Then the package is ready to be shipped.

Zinone explains that to ship an item these days’ people have to go through the hassle of going out and buying a box and purchasing packaging material of sorts. Then of course one has to construct a box and tape it all together and then fill out the shipping forms at the post office.

His IBox is a game changer in that you just unfold the deflated box, insert your item, inflate it and ship. It’s as easy as that.

Zinone indicates that the cube box is 8’X8’X8’ in size and “from here the journey will begin to replace all standard size and shape boxes to fully transition to the future of shipping.”

He writes, “After almost 200 years there is no denying it that the ‘box’ is an expert in its field. We just think it's time to retire, the same as a Hall of Fame Football player that is on his last season - he's the best of the best but there's a time to just stop, retire and let the future take its course.”

The IBox: Fully inflated- with brown exterior ready for shipping.The IBox: Fully inflated- with brown exterior ready for shipping.

He adds, “That said, the IBox will not sway from the standard ‘box’ sizes and shapes. The only difference is the IBox will have a little less space inside for items being shipped. Taking into account very rarely is a box completely filled with items without some sort of packaging material this is an easy give up for a much better, smarter and cheaper way to ‘box’ and ship.

So, will his invention really mark the end of an era for the traditional ‘box’ as we know it?

“We are doing something to make sure we bring the cardboard ‘box’ into the future where it should be,” adds Zinone.