Need This New Invention? The World's First Bioluminescent "Pet"

Finally there is a house pet that even PETA can't object to! You don't have to pet it, walk it, and clean up after it, and yet it is very much alive. Scientists at Yonder Biology in San Diego, California, have created the first bioluminescent pet by harnessing dinoflagelltates and their bioluminescence into the shape of a little dinosaur. Dino PetDino Pet

The unusual "animal" may have gotten its start in a laboratory, but it found its way to production and marketing with the help of the website Kickstarter. In one month the project was so popular that it made more than 150% of its initial $50,000 seed money that the company sought.

Kickstarter is a website where inventors, artists, musicians, authors, and others can post their projects to get people from the general public to invest in their creation. For the project to be funded the person posting it must have a target amount of what it will take to get the project off the ground and into the marketplace. You must have enough pledges for your project to be able to actually get the funds. It is all or nothing. To date 44% of the projects posted to the site have reached or exceeded their funding goals. So the Dino Pet is in good company. 

Dinoflagellates certainly sound like they should be a part of Jurassic Park, but they are actually a form of marine algae. These tiny plants gather in daylight in the form of indirect sunlight and then glow after the sun goes down. The light is the way they gain energy to keep them growing and glowing. They also come with a solution of salt water and nutrients to keep them going for up to six months. Additional water/nutrients are sold separately to keep you little Apatasaurus going. Naturally, when you adopt your pet it will come with a manual for the complete care and feeding 

It's a great way for the kids (and you for that matter) to learn more about the magic and wonder of science. It also makes a really way cool night light even if the power is out and all your batteries are dead. All your kid needs to do is shake the heck out of it at bed time and set it in just the right place to scare away the monsters under the bed.

You may have noticed that this little dino has no tail. The company has welcomed people to comment on this. If people really want it to have a tail, they will take it under advisement and reconsider the feasibility of such an appendage. Speaking of tales, you will also be able to purchase a storybook so that you can read all about your bright little guy just before you turn out the light.

This is also a pet you can name, though you might want to challenge yourself to think beyond the realm of the Flintstones. You could also try to teach it to fetch, but chances are you will turn old and gray waiting for it to bring back that stick. It might be better just to enjoy its company and talk to it once in a while when no one is looking.

This little lizard is weird, wacky, bizarre, and totally awesome. This could well become the Pet Rock or Slinky of the future.  The Dino Pet will be ready to start shipping early in 2014.

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