Need This New Invention? Knock On Wood!

When bad luck is on the horizon there is only one thing you can do -- quick, knock on wood! It is a superstition that dates back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The one place where doing this is a real problem is that haven of metal, plastic, and vinyl -- your car. If one inventor has her way there will soon be a fix for this!"Knock on Wood" Plaque on"Knock on Wood" Plaque on is a website dedicated to helping inventors get worthwhile products made and to market. Once an inventor posts their idea the public votes on whether it is an idea the Quirky staff should review. If there are enough votes the staff then considers the viability and marketability of the product. From there the selected products will be manufactured and sold in their onine shop and other venues they have partnered with. Thousands of ideas are submitted to their site every week. Out of those thousands only a handful will make the cut.

Her "invention" is a piece of wood. You know, cut from a tree, sanded, polished wood. That's been done you say? Ah, but this one has the phrase "knock on wood" painted on it. Still not impressed? It is designed to be mounted on your car's visor. Okay, maybe you don't really need to be impressed.

The point is that people who are that superstitious will spend some panic time casting about to find something that will work as they drive. Some will opt for the knocking on their own head as an acceptable trade-off. Others are purists and finally pound on the phone bill they picked up from the mail box on the way to the car, hoping desperately that there is enough wood fiber in the paper to count. 

The selling point of this item is that it comes with a wire clip mounted on the back for mounting it on the sun visor. That way it is always within arm's reach for your urgent knocking needs. If there is one place where no one wants to be having bad luck it is behind the wheel of their car. 

Now there are a few drawbacks to be dealt with here -- like having the sun visor in the wrong position when you are desperate for a knock. The other is it interfering with the vanity mirror when you need to check your makeup. Perhaps there could be a way to make it mountable in places of the driver's choice. 

Do you think that the Knock on Wood plaque is a strange idea? Well, it is on And just remember, this is the country that went crazy over Pet Rocks in the 1970s.


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