Need to Blow Your Nose? Look for EcoLife Box's Soft Green Glow

You might think having something in your house that glows in the dark is about the last thing people in Japan need right now but you're not Kaikosha, designer & manufacturer of the EcoLife Box glow-in-the-dark facial tissue holder.  

The refillable EcoLife Box measures 26cm by 13cm by 7cm (10.4” by 5.2” by 2.8”) and weighs 510g, or just over a pound. It was designed by students at Hosei University out of concern for allergy sufferers who would awake during the night and could not find a box of tissue in their darkened room.

Only 0.4 watts are need to power the EcoLife Box, which plugs into an ordinary Japanese 100w wall outlet. The design positions the lamp along the very bottom of the box so that a faint greenish light illuminates the box's edges.

It may be economical with energy but as for pricing... try 9,900 yen (about $122) for each EcoLife Box. It's enough to bring tears to your eyes – now where's that blasted tissue box? (via Tokyo Walker)