Need a Cold One Cracked? There's An App For That

A month ago I posted my first article at InventorSpot, a little ditty I called "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere..."  about a new mobile application that is due to hit the streets this summer called SceneTap. This clever app allows users to investigate the bar scene at a number of happening watering holes BEFORE deciding where to go to quench thine own thirst.

Now, thanks to some enterprising young beer-swillers from Down Under, you can open your bottled beer with the same iPhone that you used to get to your destination station. The Opena iPhone case makes it easy to remove bottle caps from bottles, beer bottles specifically, with a sliding, stainless steel bottle opener.

This innovation is one that I am sure thousands of beer drinking iPhone users have thought of and joked about. I, for one, have personally seen more than one phone chipped, nicked or permanently altered by those too eager to alter their attitude. Good on mates Chris Peters and Rob Ward for putting their bottles down long enough to get this to market. Thanks to a successful run on Kickstarter, the Melbourne pair raised 188% of the amount needed to bring The Opena to a bar near you this August.

Those of you more cynical martini types will likely ask, "But what about the beer that gets all shaken up before being opened? Won't it ruin the iPhone?" Shame on you for even thinking about shaking the beer... that is so immature! After rigorous testing under the most stringently controlled laboratory conditions, the inventors have more than proven to the investors that the suds will not reach the circuitry if the device is properly applied. One gets the impression that these two lads have done more testing and tasting than can be shown during a standard youtube video.

Hopefully, this will replace the bottle opener on a keychain. Who ever thought that was a good idea? Might as well wear a bumper sticker announcing that you drink and drive! From now on, after you and your horse have employed the latest technology from SceneTap to find what watering hole to elbow up to, you'll be pulling out your iPhone to crack a cold one.

Can you beer me now?