Need A Hug?: Jacket Simulates The Reassuring Sensation Of A Cuddle

Is there anything better in the world then a nice big hug when you are feeling stressed or sad? ImageImageProbably not, and that's exactly why inventors decided to create a garment that simulates the sensation of a hug for parents that need to offer their children reassurance from afar.

The TJacket, created by James Teh is pretty darn smart. It monitors the stress level of children while they have it on, and provides real time data to a parents' smart phone. The sensation of a hug is created by the air pockets located in various parts of the clothing item, which resembles a basic cotton hoodie.Varying levels of hug pressure can be chosen from.

The TJacket is really designed for children with Autism and ADHD that creatly benefit from physical pressure (such as a hug) when they become over-stimulated or stressed out. It's a pretty fantastic innovation from this regard, but feels like a good idea for people from all walks of life, including adults. 24/7 monitoring may not be required, but sending random hugs to someone you love throughout the day just so you know they're thinking about you would be pretty cool.

 Via: PSFK