Need Motivation? 12 Fun Fitness Ads That Will Get You To The Gym

What is it going to take to get you to the gym this year? A New Year's Resolution? Gaining 10 pounds? What about advertising? The following were done by gyms around the world to get people in and working out.

1. Office Party in the United Kingdom

This first one was a photocopied bottom on side, promotional message on the other and then slipped under workers' doors.

Source: Ads of the World

2. Barber shop in Egypt

Source: Ads of the World


3. Streeeeeeeeetch It Out in China

A chinese fitness center uses its entrance gates to look like a chest expander.

Source: Ads of the World


4. Heavy liftin' in Germany


Source: Adblogarabia


5. Elevators in the United Kingdom

Stickers showing two muscular arms were pasted on the outside of the elevator doors. Another sticker showing the torso of the body builder with arms stretched was pasted on the inside wall. When the lift door opened, the arms parted and looked as if the man is forcing the door open.

Source: Ads of the World



6. Abs of...brick? in Chile

Source: Frederik Samuel


7. Pole Dancing in Canada

It really is a class, now offered in many gyms. These were wrapped around street poles and read: It's probably best if you tell the kids that Mommy's at the gym. Poledancestudio.

Source: Ads of the World

8. Crackin' up...literally

Placed on the back of chairs for VIP Gym.

Source: Ads of the World

9. Weight the grocery store in Canada

These grocery dividers for Gold's Gym were actually really heavy.

Source: Ad Goodness

10. Some more weight lifting...on your way to work

Source: Frederik Samuel

11. Print ad of Before and Afters

A great prink ad for Clark Hatch gyms with befores and afters.

Source: Frederik Samuel

12. Another one to crack you up

Notice the breaking billboard underneath the heavy man.

Source: Blogosfere

So are these good enough to make you think of joining a gym? Which is your favorite?

Amy Gifford
Marketing Innovations

Sep 18, 2007
by Kate (not verified)

Great post!

Fantastic collection of ads!  My personal favorites are the brick blend-in from Chile and the pole dancing - just enough to make you look twice, which is what it's all about! 

Sep 18, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


they are funny

Jan 13, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)

I love the heavy supermarket divider

The heavy supermarket divider is by far the best. It brings humor, fun, surprise, and weight to the customer's mind, *without* directly bringing up the sensitive topic of body image. It's also a marketing concept that can be done in a family environment...some of the others aren't really appropriate where kids are around. I think it's also cute to put the actual weight outside of the gym. Who knows...someone may pick the divider up...enjoy the solid heft...and go to Gold's and start lifting.

The concept is a little bit like taking art out of a museum and putting it in a public space to awaken the senses/awareness of the public.

The second best is the pole...understandable by adults only, of course. The elevator door is cute and the office xerox is...well...the office xerox.