Need Nap, Will Travel: Providing Comfort For Your Littlest Adventurer

Whether at home after a long day of play, or on the road toward some fabulous vacation destination, babies need naps. And thanks to the PeaPod Travel Bed, shuteye just got a little bit easier.

Nap time can be an ordeal for parents with a busy schedule, even if a stay at home mom is around to keep things in order. Parents have found the PeaPod Travel Bed to be a great alternative to the typical crib or playpen when it comes to nap time. You can set it up right in the living room, making it easy to check on baby whenever necessary. The bed easily collapses and stores for when baby is awake and active.

Perfect Napping At Home or On The GoPerfect Napping At Home or On The Go

However, its true design is for little ones on the go, and the PeaPod sleeper includes an inflatable mattress that helps protect your kiddo from cold and wetness found in many campsites, beaches or other mobile situations. With zippered panels similar to a traditional tent, parents can access baby from many different angles, and its convenient size makes travel storage a breeze.

Protect Baby's Routine On VacationProtect Baby's Routine On Vacation

At a reasonable price, the PeaPod Travel Bed is available through various websites, including Amazon, and is made out of indestructible materials – ensuring it will be around for other babies to come!

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