Need This New Discovery? The Proper Way To Eat A Hamburger

It is a problem that has plagued mankind for decades -- how to eat your burger without all the extra goodies sliding back out onto your plate and making a mess. For burger purists this has never really been an issue with just a little The Wrong Way to Hold Your Burger (You Tube Image)The Wrong Way to Hold Your Burger (You Tube Image)ketchup and mustard, and maybe a pickle slice or two. For those of us who like to add the cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, and whatever else comes to mind it is serious business. Now researchers have the answer.

Yes, indeed that's right. Researchers actually put in time trying to solve this perplexing problem. Now Republicans, don't start pointing at the Democrats, and Dems, don't start pointing at the Pubs. It didn't happen with American tax dollars. This one was part of a Japanese television show, "Honma Dekka!"

The show brought three experts together -- researchers in fluid mechanics, engineering, and dentistry -- and they spent four months coming up with a solution. They even used 3D imaging to take a look at how the elements come together and how the pressure of the way we handle the burger causes unwanted spillage.

The Correct Way to Hold Your Burger (You Tube Image)The Correct Way to Hold Your Burger (You Tube Image)It is just natural for us to grasp the burger with our thumbs on the bottom and our fingers on top. It is a practice we never thought about -- until now and those pesky Japanese researchers. According to them we have been doing it wrong from day one. Their findings show that we should move our fingers a bit further down the burger and then tuck our pinkies under the burger at the far end. This small action allows the burger to be held equally all the way around and helps hold the burger shut at that end and prevents the slippage of those tasty toppings.

Their recommendations didn't stop there. They also suggested that we don't hold too tightly to keep from crushing the bun which may also lead to spillage. The dental expert also suggested warm-up exercises before tackling a large burger by opening and closing out mouths a few times. Right. We all want to sit around looking like a bored snapping turtle while at McDonalds.

Okay, I am willing to give it a try, but I have my doubts. I have somewhat small hands and I am seeing sore pinkies in my future. I may need to do finger exercises instead of the mouth ones. After all, I am often accused of having a big mouth. 

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