Need This New Innovation? 21 Swings

Most of us loved to spend time on the swings when we were kids, whether on the playground or in the backyard. It was a little piece of magic in our lives as we could pretend to fly. People in Montreal, Quebec, 21 Swings (You Tube Image)21 Swings (You Tube Image)Canada, have had the chance to return to those joyous moments with the 21 Swings project. These swings are actually giant instruments and we tiny humans are the means to create the music by returning to out childhoods.

Each spring this set of 21 swings is set up in the entertainment district right in the middle of traffic. The swings are designed to hold adults and each one represents a different instrument. As people begin to swing recordings of the instruments begin to play, each joining the next. The more that the swings come together, the more the melodies and harmonies begin to form and create a piece of living art.

21 Swings (You Tube Image)21 Swings (You Tube Image)"It's a really, really cool experience to be able to make music with your entire body," commented one young woman.

This amazing swing set is the idea of the award-winning French Canadian design group Daily Tous Les Jours. According to their website, it is "a giant collective instrument, a game where together we achieve better things than separately." The group worked with animal-behavior professor Luc-Alain Giraldeau of the Université du Québec à Montréal to explore the concept of cooperation.  

21 Swings (You Tube Image)21 Swings (You Tube Image)

People experiencing the swings try different paces to swinging, like swinging in unison, to discover how the music shifts and changes with their movements. It is amazing how such a simple activity can bring a soul so much joy.

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