Need This New Innovation? A Book About Rosie The Reindeer

Just about all girls get frustrated at some point in their lives when they are told that they can't do something because it is only for boys. While the issue has been getting better over the past few decades, girls still hear this message coming at them in so many ways. One is in the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. While a fun story overall, the girls are sidelined. A project seeking funding on Kickstarter proposes the story of Rosie the Reindeer to show that girls really can do anything.

Rosie the ReindeerRosie the Reindeer

While we are striving to level the playing field for girls, we still live in a culture that is hell-bent on making girls all ribbons and lace, even when many of them are more comfortable with t-shirts and jeans. I, for one, have always hated the color pink. Not because it was such a bad color, but because it was shoved down my throat as a child as a part of my gender. This continues today through toy, clothing, and other manufacturers who insist on using pink as a way to market their products for girls (roll eyes here).

Rosie the ReindeerRosie the Reindeer

With Rosie the Reindeer author Chantell Taylor seeks to change at least one stereotype -- the one that says that all of Santa's Reindeer must be male. She points out in her funding pitch that the beloved television special that still airs annually show only the boy reindeer vying for a spot on the sleigh team. The girls are reduced to standing on the sidelines and batting their eyelashes at the boys. Like so many of us, it has irked her for many years -- so now she is taking action.

Rosie the ReindeerRosie the Reindeer

With the help of freelance illustrator Shawna JC Tenney, Taylor has created the spunky, kick-ass Rosie the Reindeer, The girl dreams of making it on to Santa's sleigh team but is told in no uncertain terms that it is a job for the boys only. Undaunted, she trains anyway, ready to take on Christmas Eve in her own right.

By the end of the story book Rosie and her girlfriends "man" the sleigh and save Christmas. Woo hoo! You go girls! No spoilers here. I'm not going to tell how it all comes about. With some decent funding you will be able to read this for yourself.

 Rosie the ReindeerRosie the Reindeer

The interesting thing about Santa's reindeer is that they really all would be girls. Scientists have actually looked at the physiology of reindeer and come to this startling conclusion (to read more on this, click here). Doe power ladies!

Don't worry guys -- the girls aren't taking over the sleigh team completely. It is now co-ed and both guys and girls equally. And those bucks that really prefer to bake cookies also get to come into their own. The story isn't so much about girls getting to do boy things; it is about everyone getting to be who they really are. It is about empowerment for all.

Rosie the ReindeerRosie the Reindeer

If you get in there and back the project for at least $25 you can receive a signed first edition of the book. There is also apparently a Rosie the Reindeer coloring book in the works and if you pledge enough you can also get one of those. The great thing is that if the project gets its funding by November 3 then you will have these things in time for Christmas this year.

With adorable illustrations and a fun story line combined, this could very well become a new Christmas classic!

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