Need This New Innovation: Boyfriends For Rent

It may be the 21st century but for many young women around the world. there is still a lot of pressure from family and friends to find the perfect man. For some the pressure can be unbearable, especially when it is time to go home Asian Couple (Public Domain Image)Asian Couple (Public Domain Image)for important holidays.  In China the new thing is to rent a boyfriend to show off to the parents when the pressure gets to be too much. The pressure can be pretty intense as well since they are considered past it by the time they are 27.

In a world where advanced education and career opportunities are causing women to postpone "settling down" until they are older. This doesn't always sit well with mothers and fathers who want to see their daughters properly married, secure, and producing grandchildren. Even though these young women are capable of supporting themselves parents often still see marriage as the only true security for a girl. Heaven forbid that they become what are referred to in China as "leftover" or "left behind" women!

Hundreds of men are now available online (many on the popular Chinese shopping website Taobao) to offer their platonic services as a temporary boyfriend -- for a fee, of course. The cost will vary depending on the amount of time the boyfriend will need to spend with the girl's family and how close they  need to appear, e.g., a quick kiss or a hug.

The idea has skyrocketed over the past couple of years. Business is especially brisk around the Lunar (Chinese) New Year. The cost can run from under $100 to more than $1,000. One young man claims to charge $131 a day for a minimum of three days. His employer is expected to pay all costs for transportation, meals, entertainment, and overnight accommodations.

The fake couple meets beforehand to get their stories straight and exchange photos. The girl can lay out her parents' expectations on what sort of man she should be bringing home and they can work out the story of how they met and fell in love. Everything is strictly business.

There are also girlfriends for rent in China as well, but that side of the business is considered to be more dangerous.

So is it possible to rent a boyfriend in the United States. Absolutely. You can rent a guy to accompany you to a number of different events where a young woman can face the gauntlet of relationship questions. Search for "rent a boyfriend USA" and you will find at least a couple of companies offering the temporary love of your life.

For a humorous look at renting a boyfriend in China, check out the video below.

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