Need This New Innovation? Candlelit Meal At McDonald's For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is upon us once again and it is time to be making those all-important plans to impress your significant other with how romantic you can be. This can be a pricey proposition, and if you have left it until the lastCandlelit Meal for Two at McDonald's (You Tube Image)Candlelit Meal for Two at McDonald's (You Tube Image) minute, reservations at that special restaurant are likely long gone. And if your wallet is a bit on the slender side these days you could use a break anyway. So how about a nice candlelight supper at McDonald's?

I can't honestly recommend this as a plan unless you are really ready to back it up with some spectacular moves. Men, chances are your lady isn't going to be particularly impressed with a Big Mac and fries unless you are 13 years old. That is unless Mickey D's is "your place" -- like you met there between the fryer and the grill back when you were acne-prone teens.

While participating McDonlad's will be putting out the table cloths and candles, along with a few flowers and balloons to give the place a little extra atmosphere, your lady could really give you the cold shoulder (among other things) if you don't have a plan. 

One way to do this is to bring flowers, candy, and jewelry. Now chances are that if you are broke enough to choose McDonald's then those things may be out of your price range. So maybe a really funny and touching card would help you out. Or a thoughtful poem -- of course this is not something in most guys' bag of tricks. A few spectacular dance moves -- well, maybe. If you don't take care to fill out the romance you could end up having your candlelight meal in stony silence like the couple in the video below -- it just screams "you're not gettin' any!"

Don't believe that this is happening? A McDonald's in Southport, North Carolina, is getting a lot of buzz over their candlelit plans and McNugget dreams after someone posted a copy of their ad on Reddit. For this one night, and only from 6 to 8 p.m., patrons entering the restaurant will be seated and waited upon. The atmosphere will even feature songs sung by Ronald McDonald. I am assuming some romantic ditties since it is the day for lovers. 

Now, if you have forgotten about Valentine's Day until the last moment and you end up just picking up some questionable bouquet of flowers on the highway off-ramp, you had better be a pretty smooth talker -- or really, really good in the sack.

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