Need This New Innovation? Lace Packing Tape

Lace packing tape may not be an innovation that is ground-breaking or life-altering and we could go on very well without it, but it is one of those little innovations that make life just a little more beautiful and fun. Why keep sending plain brown paper packages when you can dress them up and add just a touch of sexy to them? And just because it is called packing tape why should you stop there?

Black Lace and White Lace TapesBlack Lace and White Lace Tapes

You can use it with tissue paper for wedding, anniversary or birthday gifts.  When I was a teen we would have killed for this tape for making book covers for school books. You could dress up paper cups for a festive occasion. It could also be a great addition to your craft arsenal for many things like scrapbooking, making greeting cards, etc. Add a little pizzazz to the boxes you ship from your small business.

Cranberry Damask TapeCranberry Damask Tape

Now, if you just aren't into lace there are other designs out there these days, from a beautiful cranberry damask design, to a floral garland, to a pink paisley number. Long gone are the days when just a plain bit of cellophane tape was enough for us. It is a brave new world that has such tape designs in it.

Mutache TapeMutache Tape

Of course, if all of this just sounds way too girlie for you, you can go with some testosterone-fueled tape covered with mustaches. If you want to go with the "handyman's secret weapon" (duct tape) in polka dots or plaid then you could come up with tons of Red Green jokes. 

So it is time to get out of that old tape rut and start really living. Apparently there isn't much you can't do with tape. I'm thinking that you could even get stuck on using these design tapes (yes, pun intended). So get out there and start taping!

Plaid Duct TapePlaid Duct Tape

For black lace tape, click here. For white lace, click here. For cranberry damask tape, click here. For mustache tape, click here. For plaid duct tape, click here.  

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