Need This New Innovation? Modamily: Co-Parenting Without Strings

So you have decided that it is time to start a family but your relationships have not been falling in line. You also aren't exactly enamored with the idea of being a single parent. You want your child to grow up with two parents and role models. So maybe it is time for a new family model to emerge. Enter Modamily -- a website that matches people ready to have children without the issues brought on by romantic entanglement.

A New Kind of Modern Family (Public Domain Image)A New Kind of Modern Family (Public Domain Image)

The website works similarly to dating websites to help match up prospective parents of all kinds, including same-sex parents. Instead of getting people together for romance and marriage, the site matches people to enter into co-parenting agreements. People are matched for compatible personalities, personal views, common interests, and parenting styles.

Also much like dating sites, the two parties meet and get to know each other to determine if they can work well together as parents. However, that is where the similarity ends. Once they have decided that they can work well together they lay out a contract that outlines the duties and responsibilities of each parent along with other legal issues and finances. Background checks are done to make sure that both parties are on the up-and-up. Then they choose how they will conceive -- such as in vitro fertilization, adoption, or even trying to conceive naturally (which is least likely).

In the case of Rachel Hope of Los Angeles, she and her co-parent, Paul Wenner, they also became housemates in the process of raising their daughter Grace, age 4. Hope is ready to have another child, whereas Wenner is content with just one child. So Hope is using Modamily to search for the father of her next child.

The Modamily website and others like it are not only breaking new ground in terms of how to build a family, it is also creating a potential new range of legal issues go beyond divorce, custody, and parental rights. New legal precedents are likely to be set in the future over this type of co-parenting relationship.

It is aimed to be a step above estranged or divorced couples trying to parent together with a load of emotional baggage getting in the way and the couple sometimes using the child or children as pawns between them. While living in two residences, and sharing custody, both co-parents are invested in raising the child to the best of their abilities.

So how much is using this site going to set you back? Nothing at all. The use of the site is free. However, becoming a parent will seriously cost you.  Aside from the cost of in vitro or adoption, the current average cost to raise a child to the age of 18 is $241,080. Then comes college and that'll really cost you.

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