Need This New Innovation? A Skateboard That Stores Your Stuff

Corporate America has been changing a great deal over the past couple of decades. Unlike generations past, today's workplace is filled with adults who just don't want to scrap all the stuff they loved as a kid just for the 9 to 5BriefSkate Aero 40BriefSkate Aero 40. Will the briefcase go the way of the tie? Maybe not with the invention of the BriefSkate -- a skateboard with a storage compartment built right in.

The skateboard came about back in the 1950s in California. It was a way for surfers to follow their bliss when there were no waves  Those original boards were basically a 2X4 mounted on the wheels from a roller skate. From there the skateboard evolved into a popuar toy and from there into a full-blown sport. The main innovations made for many years were to make cooler boards for doing tricks and stunts. In the past few years the innovations have turned towards creating "commuter" boards for people to use as a form of transportation (aka, long boards). Toward that end the boards have become longer and more stable. 

The one issue that none of these changes addressed was the lack of ability to hold your stuff. Oh, sure, you could always wear a backpack, but that can mess with your balance and have you feeling like you have lost the freedom of the open road. So it was time for the unthinkable - certainly for the un-thunk.

BriefSkate Aero 40BriefSkate Aero 40The latest skateboard upgrade was designed by college student Alexei Novitzky. He wasn't looking to create the next big thing in skateboards. He just wanted a better way to carry his books as he skated between classes. When others discovered the secret of his skate board they wanted one too. So he started making them one at a time for people. 

After making more than 350 boards himself, Novitzky realized that it was time to find a manufacturer and turn this into a real business. He now has a website up and is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign soon to get the funding he will need to start manufacturing on a larger scale. If you are interested in following his project you can sign up for email updates. Click here.

The BriefSkate, which has also been known as the Skate Case, has another feature that helps it live up to its name -- a handle so that you can carry it like a briefcase once you get to the office. You can also get interchangeable padded, shock-resistant interiors to use depending on what it is you need to carry.

There are people who question the safety of the items stored inside in the event of a wipeout. However, if your are wearing a backpack and take a header your stuff is not necessarily going to be all that safe either. Never underestimate the commitment of a skater to his or her board.

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