Need This New Innovation? Toilet Paper Tree

For years the way everyone stored extra toilet paper by hiding it in one way or another. Who were we kidding? Why were we ever being modest in the least modest room in the house? Now you can not only store your extraToilet Paper Tree (Image via SitOnDesign)Toilet Paper Tree (Image via SitOnDesign) loo rolls out in plain sight -- and even be making a design statement with them. The Toilet Paper Tree is a new way to store your extra tissue and hearkens back to the days of your misspent youth when you put toilet paper in trees for a different reason.

The tree holds up to 14 rolls and so you can choose just how much it is going to bloom is up to you. Having it all out in the open means that you can always see at a glance how soon you need to shop again by how badly defoliated the tree is. It is made of metal, so it will stand up to the natural humidity of the room. And no one is ever going to ask you where a new roll is -- they won't be able to miss it!

Toilet Paper Tree (Image via SitOnDesign)Toilet Paper Tree (Image via SitOnDesign)The tree is actually called the PQtier and comes from Presse Citron, a company in France. If you can get hold of one it will run you about €155. That's $213 in the U.S. So toilet paper trees ain't cheap.

Now if you are still feeling flush (pun intended) you can spring some extra bucks to get some colored toilet paper. To order colored toilet paper, click here. Get some of that TP that is printed to look like money and you can pretend that money really does grow on trees. 

If you are totally nuts (like me) you can even decorate the tree for Christmas to complement the rest of your bathroom holiday décor. 

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Feb 25, 2014
by Anonymous

In Australia they have a

In Australia they have a toilet roll holder that has been around for decades. It is simply a base usually circular and a pole about six rolls high. Cost about $7.50 to $10.00. Almost all houses have them tucked in a corner at the back of the toilet. Within reach of course.