Need This New Innovation? The Lazy Zipper Zip-On Tie

Tying a tie isn't the sort of skill that everone excels at, even if they have been recognized by the Scouts for their knot-tying skills. Of course, you could always go with a clip on tie, but that can look cheesy and won't hold up if Lazy Zipper Tie (Uncommon Goods)Lazy Zipper Tie (Uncommon Goods)someone grab's you by it. While normally this is not a problem, it could become one if someone is trying to save you from falling into a pit of vipers. In that case the Lazy Zipper Tie is just the answer.

The Lazy Zipper Tie is great because it is as simple as putting on a jacket. Just put it around your neck, tuck it under your collar, then zip and go. 

Perhaps the greatest thing about this tie is that it doesn't even put up the pretext of being a real tie. It glories in its lack of effort. It doesn't have a fake knot to try to throw people off and lull them into the sense that you DO know how to tie a tie. It doesn't even try to hide the zipper. 

Lazy Zipper Tie (Uncommon Goods)Lazy Zipper Tie (Uncommon Goods)Where the clip on tie seems to suffer from a lack of self-esteem by trying to mimic a regular tie, the Lazy Zipper Tie totally owns its difference and let's everyone know that you are your own man who just doesn't believe that the ability to tie a tie is the measure of a man.

It is also a unique fashion statement that will draw attention to you and keep you uppermost in the mind of that person who interviewed you for your dream job. Now whether or not that is a good thing is up for debate. 

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